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What A Show!

We're back at Westomatic HQ after what has been a busy couple of days at Vendex Midlands. We have had so much great feedback about our Primo Compact and, alongside continued excitement around the Elevate machine, this made the event a really positive experience for the Westomatic team.​

Thank You

A big thank you to everyone who came to say hello at the Westo stand and we hope you had the chance to enjoy a beverage from the new fresh-milk Primo and browse our full range of machines.

To those who missed out and want to find out more, please give us a call or shoot us an email, should you have any questions or want to place your orders!

Westomatic Primo Compact 2/2 with thank you message

Westomatic at Vendex

What’s Hot?

Westomatic Elevate and Primo Stand at Vendex Midlands 2019
Left to right: Sigma Range, Snackpoint Quattro, Elevate Diamond, Primo Range.
Westomatic Primo Compact with outer glow
Primo Compact – The Star
The Primo Compact was our foremost machine at Vendex this week, with customers flooding by all day long to experience the features of this new fresh-milk beauty and taste the high-quality coffee.So what were visitors’ responses to the new Compact?…

‘The on-screen cleaning and operation instructions are just unbelieveable.’

‘The aethetic is exactly what the customer is looking for right now’

‘THIS is the direction that tabletop coffee machines should be going’

‘The size is going to allow us to get in with customers that we previously couldn’t even approach. Every office is a target now.’

‘Lovely latte!’

With many customers placing orders for their own Primo Compact right there at the show, we are delighted with the response and look forward to seeing what the rest of 2019 brings for this brilliant little machine.

Elevate – More Surprises

Elevate Diamond at an angle containing range of drinks

Since unveiling the new Elevate bottle vendor at Vendex North last year, interest has been consistent and feedback positive. However, we wanted to demonstrate the greater potential of the Elevate this year, which is why we loaded up some surprises…

  • 850ml bottles vended with ease
  • Various brands and styles of reusable bottle dispensed
  • Beautifully branded touch-screen menu
  • Emphasis on sturdiness and build quality

If you’re looking for a quality bottle vendor, there really is no other contender.

Sigma - 2019 Refresh

Westomatic Sigma Touch in action at Vendex Midlands 2019

We brought along our Sigma family of machines to show off the new and improved front fascias. The design changes were well received, with many visitors keen to offer end-users machines with clear instruction on the front panel.
Along with the simpler, smarter design, we specifically included these instructions on the Simplicity and Cafe panels in order to remove any obstacle or objection that a user might have when on the fence about using a machine.

Sigma Cafe Instructions

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