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As most businesses are very aware; advertising space is not cheap. When you but a Westomatic machine, you have also acquired advertising space. Why not sell advertising to other businesses at a rate determined to you.
This is especially poignant for machines located in high traffic, public sites where the videos are very visible. In this sort of location advertising real-estate is costly, and as the machine owner, you can make the most of that premium.
Sigmat Touch banner showing variety of branding images


Got a machine in a public location? A Landmark? Any high traffic area? You’d be surprised who can be willing to give you £100 a month for a 20 second ad on a vending machine.
Kitkat Logo Banner
Glaceau Smart Water banner
Burts Potato Chips banner
Lavazza branded slide


Westomatic Primo Compact 2/2 with custom screen branding
Some operators don’t want to spend time drumming up advertisers, in which case the screen is free to accommodate your own branding. Simply upload your own branded video or images to promote your products and contact information.

U-S-B EASY AS 1-2-3!

Posterized image of USB stick
With USB interfaces for uploading video and imagery to your vending and Horeca machines, we have made it as simple as possible to get your brand, or advertising onto your machine screens. 
Screenshot of westoNET Technical information page
Remember, we are here to help. We have set up West0NET specifically to give you access to the tools and guides that you need to order, operate and maintain your Westomatic machines. 
Find media packs, order forms, documentation, part numbers and more on WestoNET.

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