What's the 1st thing you notice when you pass a vending machine?

Interactive Touch Screens | Video Advertisements | Static Images | Crystal Clear Sound


Prominent appearance attracts consumers. Helping them to quickly identify point of sale.


Bright and colourful LED lighting will attract and draw attention to recognisable brands and products


A recognisable jingle or a catchy tune will draw in interest from passers by.


Visually appealing adverts and images have a proven history of boosting sales. Cross sell products using QR codes


Most of our machines come with a media screen as standard. Target your audience with precise advertising.


Screens can be utilised to show both video advertisements, static images, branding, product images/info as well as price and allergen information.

Each screen has a stunningly, brilliant display capable of displaying both images and videos.

All the machines shown come with media screens as standard and a selection of them also come with speakers.
Use this table to help you decide which machine will be more beneficial to your needs. Each one has its own benefits to suit your individual environment.
By adding videos to your screens, you can really create a wow factor, help promote yours or local businesses or even offer further information or offers.
There are various manuals and instructions available that can aid you in loading images and videos onto your screen. These can be found on our support site, WestoNET.
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