What do we do at Westomatic?

We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of vending machines based in the South West of England, established in 1966. Westomatic machines are built to the highest quality with the greatest level of care and attention to detail. 

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Why Westomatic? 

From freestanding hot drinks to chilled food machines, we provide a solution for any location. We also have our own refurbishment service which makes tired machines work and look like new through our intensive process. Our team is made up of industry experts and dedicated staff who are passionate about helping new customers find their perfect solution and ensuring existing customers get the very best out of their machines.

Superb Drink Quality

Innovative brewing, ingredient mixing and chilling technology, delivers a range of hot and cold refreshments to rival the best high street coffee shops.


Training and Support

We provide training courses for our entire range so customers can learn to use, sell and maintain the Westomatic range quickly and easily. Technical phone support is also available from our team of knowledgeable engineers.

Machine Delivery

In the UK, all of our machines are delivered to your location in our own fleet of lorries. Our drivers are specially trained to transport and deliver your machines so that they arrive in the same perfect condition they were in when they left our factory.

Green Vending

We are fully committed to our Corporate Social Responsibility. In all areas of the business we have taken great care to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint and operate as efficiently as possible. These areas include: design, supply chain management, production techniques and waste management.