THE EASY 6000​

Easy to Maintain | Packed with Innovative Features

Fresh food in a 24/7 solution

• Keep food fresh and chilled below 8°

• Browse the full range of stock with the push of a button

• Restock and maintain quickly thanks to slide out drums

• Set up to 3 prices per drum so you can sell a variety of products

• Built for reliability and security

Key Features

Kee food fresh, chilled and safe to consume with Health Control

Load the products with ease thanks to the retractable drums

Adjustable compartments for a range of products including plated meals

Set up to 3 different prices per drum

Browse the full range of stock with the push of a button

The Easy 6000 is a versatile and reliable machine with endless possibilities of products it can sell. The ease of operation and  clever features ensure your products stay fresh, secure and easily visible

Make the Easy 6000 your meal and snack solution for canteens, hospitals, schools and stations


Custom Branding

Customise the front panel to promote your brand.


Standard Capacity – Standard Capacity, 4 drums x 12 items & 4 drums x 24 items | Maximum Capacity – 384 Items


Height – 1830mm | Width – 910mm | Depth – 800mm | Minimum sitting distance from back wall to rear of cabinet – 100mm | Weight (approx) – 315kg

Electrical Services

Voltage (volts AC +/- 10%) – 230 | Current (amps) – 13 | Frequency (HZ) – 50

Energy Consumption

Idle Phase (watt hrs/hr) – 440 | EVA/EMP Rating – A


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