EASY 6000

More than just a drum vendor


Pull out each drum to fill from the top or use the internal keypad to fully rotate each drum


Offer discounts at different times of the day or on a chosen days of the week.

Health Control

The built-in health control system ensures the internal temperature never goes above 8°.


Completely removable drums that are dishwasher safe.

Choose the perfect FRESH FOOD SYSTEM

The Easy 6000 is the perfect addition to any mini or micro-market. Offering fresh food, non edible goods or beverages. 

EASY 6000 T


(H)1830mm x (W)910mm x (D)790mm

EASY 6000


(H)1830mm x (W)910mm x (D)790mm

Each drum can be configured to 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 24 or 48 compartments.

Superior cable management to ensure that no cables get entwined into the mechanism.


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Frequently asked questions

As standard the max capacity is 144 items

4 Drums with 24 items

4 Drums with 12 items

The Easy 6000 comes as standard with a backlit acrylic panel at the base of the machine. This can be customised (at an extra cost). There is also the option to add side graphics (at an extra cost)

The size of the Easy 6000 is (H) 1830 x (W) 910 x (D) 790mm

As standard the Easy 6000 comes with a health control system. This stops the internal temperature going above 8 degrees. This is the standard temperature that fresh food should be kept at. 

A drum that is set to 4 compartments, each compartment will hold up to a 9″ plate 

This machine does not come with Dex as standard but is fully dexable at a small extra cost. 

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Customisable branding available


Accepts all major payment systems including Nayax and MEI models.


Easily adjust the compartments by removing or adding slots. 


Standard Max Capacity – 144 items ( 4 drums with 24 items / 4 drums with 12 items)

*Total Maximum capacity – 384 Items (8 drums with 48 items) *Alternative setup at an extra cost


(H)1830 x (W)910 x (D)790mm | Weight (approx) – 315kg

Electrical Services

Voltage (volts AC +/- 10%) – 230 | Current (amps) – 13 | Frequency (HZ) – 50

Energy Consumption

Idle Phase (watt hrs/hr) – 440

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