Our Green Charter

We pride ourselves at Westomatic on our Environmental policies and are fully committed to a Green road charter. 

Taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint…

Businesses currently account for around half of the UK’s carbon emissions. But one of the fastest ways to save money and fight climate change is to reduce the amount of energy used. With this in mind, Westomatic has taken a proactive approach to corporate responsibility, leading the market in terms of green innovation including; design, supply chain management, production techniques and waste management.

Green hot and cold beverage vending machines

• Programmable energy management system reduces power consumption by up to 30%

• Flash cooling technology means electricity is only consumed when a chilled drink selection is actually made

• Gravity-fed paperless brewer uses less energy than a pressurised system

• Permanent refillable ingredient canisters mean less packaging, wastage and cost (compared with pod and in-cup machines)

• 50,000 hour, long-life LED lighting means no-more fluorescent light tubes to replace

• Use of recycled materials wherever possible

• Cup sensor allows the use of own cup, mug, jug or bottle which reduces waste

• Larger, more efficient water filters extend machine life and reduce the need for service calls

Green snack, can and bottle vending machines

• Foam-injected cabinet and door on SnackPoint Quattro, Quinto and Duo for ultimate insulation

• Triple glazed window reduces heat transfer

• Low energy, long-life LED lighting

• Patented side elevations deliver cool air directly on the products (rather than chill the entire cabinet): the refrigeration system doesn’t have to work as hard and reduces waste energy

• Use of ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant

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Richard Brinsley with WEEE Man at the Eden Project

Long operational life

All Westomatic machines are of a robust nature to ensure operational longevity and our dedicated machine refurbishment centre means we can also cost-effectively extend the working life of equipment which further reduces waste and reliance on land-fill

Exceptional recycling properties

• Recycled materials used where ever possible, including plastic mouldings on Sigma and Azure

• In-house paint plant recycles heat from drying process for the final baking cycle and over 90% of over-sprayed powder coating is reused.

• All spare parts are distributed in reused boxes. In fact, Westomatic has not purchased a cardboard box since 1994!

Responsible purchasing and distribution

• 92% of the components and materials used in Westomatic machines are sourced in the UK

• Buying from a British Manufacturer means shorter logistic paths and a reduced carbon footprint

• All UK delivered freestanding beverage machines are transported in long-life re-useable cases (free from shrink-wrap, polystyrene, cardboard and wooden pallets)

Leading the way in energy efficiency

The European Vending Association (EVA) has introduced an ‘Energy Management Protocol’ to effectively measure the energy consumption of vending machines. The results speak for themselves with some competitor machines using up to 51% more energy compared to Westomatic machines.

Compliance: We actively support the following:

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment): Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) aims to conserve landfill and support sustainable development by providing impetus to boost recycling.

The WRAS: Promotes water regulations throughout the UK and amongst others, helps to prevent waste, undue consumption, misuse or contamination.

RoHS: Westomatic is RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and takes active steps to ensure that no restricted materials enter the waste stream.

C10C: Westomatic is an active member of the industry standard and government approved C10C scheme which can provide a seamless solution to the collection, recycling, treatment and disposal of end of life machines.

Green Road Charter Environmental Champion: Westomatic has been awarded the official industry title of ‘Green Road Charter Environmental Champion’ for leading the way in green initiatives throughout all aspects of the business.