We sell refurbished machines and offer a service to revamp your existing machines

Why choose refurbishment?

Extend your machine’s life by making it work and look like new again

We inspect all the machines on arrival and advise of any missing or defective parts in order that we can agree any additional costs prior to any work being undertaken. Parts used in the refurbishment process or found to be faulty during the process are replaced and included in the agreed price.

Our standard specification for refurbishing hot beverage machines involves dismantling the machine, respraying external or other areas requiring attention (including the whipper deck), respraying all the door assembly to customer’s requirements, dismantling the boiler, dismantling whipper plate assemblies and replace the following components:

  • All new Whipper Parts, Silicone Tubing and Brewer Hygiene kits
  • All new Boiler Seals, Boiler Float, Insulation and Thermistor Probes
  • All new Boiler Valves
  • All new Relays and Switches
  • All new Label sets
  • New Keypad Gaskets and Buttons
  • New Water Hose Assembly
  • New Floor Mat
  • Factory tested with latest software version
  • Genuine OEM parts
  • Delivery to your door
  • Replace with new graphics if required

All components which are not replaced as new are thoroughly cleaned and the machine is reassembled and fully tested before onward delivery.

We offer a full door to door service where all machines are collected from your location within the UK in our own fleet of lorries.

Our drivers are trained to transport and deliver your machines so that they arrive in their newly refurbished condition ready to go earning you money for the second time! All this is included in your quote so call us today and see how we can help you bring your machines a second lease of life!

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