Introducing The Primo Compact!

Westomatic Vending Services proudly presents an attractive,
innovative, versatile addition to our HoReCa range


Compact Design

The Primo Compact combines quality coffee, customisable drinks and compatability with any location. Sitting pretty; this Primo is the perfect fit for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices and beyond! Very versatile due to its compact height, this must-have machine is just 60cm tall!

What’s better than a strong cappuccino with real fresh milk?

Some customers are adamant about their fresh milk, barista style coffee and who are we to deny them!

With the Primo Compact, customers can grab a strong cappuccino with real fresh milk at the touch of a button.

The Primo Compact uses powdered or fresh milk to create many varieties of Espresso-based drinks, including Cappuccino, Latte and Latte Macchiato.

An Operator’s Dream

+ On-screen operation guides
+ 7″ Landscape touchscreen
+ Empty canister notifications
+ Background options

+ Optilight LED lighting

Innovative, clear and intuitive;
on-screen instructions provide
step-by-step visual cleaning and maintenance guides. 

Do your users need more options? The Primo Compact shows off its versatility by offering one or two bean hoppers alongside world-class ceramic grinders from Ditting.
Adding a milk adapter kit and fridge unit completes the Barista beverage.

+ 4 Litre milk fridge
+ Lockable door

When fresh milk is empty, the automatic switching to powdered milk ensures drinks are never unavailable.


Models Available:
Primo Compact 1/2 (1 x 1200g hopper,  2 x canisters)
Primo Compact 2/2 (2 x 600g hoppers, 2 x canisters)

(W)380 x (D)515 x (H)600mm
Dimensions of milk refrigerator:
(W)230 x (D)420 x (H)455mm 

Coffee Machine – Approx 32kg
Milk Refrigerator – Approx 19kg

7″ Touch Screen
On screen visual instructions

Lockable door
4 litre capacity

Adjustable, lockable cup tray

Extra Features:
XL Brewer for bigger, fuller cups

Two bean hoppers – two bean choices!

A machine with countless possibilities and smart design. Brew any drink you’d like to offer with or without fresh milk: flat white, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso, americano, coffee, hot chocolate or tea (via. hot water dispenser). Offer a choice of different beans…Arabica, Robusta, Liberica or simply a Decaf option! Need a bigger brew? Add an XL brewer.

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