New Feature: Inside Westomatic

We want to offer our subscribers an inside peek at the people who make Westomatic tick. With a different member of the team represented in each addition, follow how they fit into the team as a whole and what they bring to the table.
We are starting with a fundamental role within the company: How do we get a machine off the ground? Well, the first practical stage is design, so heeeere’s Johnny!

Inside Westomatic: Design Engineering

We’re starting right at the beginning of our process today – with our Design Engineer, Mr Johnathon Coates. Since joining us in in October 2018, Johnathon has been doing stellar work on designing and developing our new Autorista, our new H2O Hydration Station and also producing some updates to our existing product line. 

Once aims and ideas are outlined for a new product, it’s down to the Design department to realise these ideas using 3D modelling software. This involves creating the hundreds of parts required to build up a machine and assemble them in a digital space. 

See below for a little look at the process for creating and establishing a machine part.

The Bones (Design)

The beginning of Johnny’s projects begin with a meticulous set of dimensions and radiuses, all designed as a 3D skeleton.

The Meat (Rendering)

A 3D render of the part is generated from the skeleton in order to get a firm idea of what the final product will look like.

The Result (Testing)

Once 3D printed, the part can be assessed as to whether or not any amendments are needed before it’s used and tested.

The Result (Testing)

Plugged into the appropriate hoses and placed into the metalwork, this dispense head is perfectly capable of producing a series of drinks with no cross contamination, as designed.
At this stage, the part can be considered proven and is ready for bulk order and submission into the machine’s bill of materials.
See the part in action here:


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