Since you’ve all cast your votes in the General Election, we thought whilst you’re in voting mode, we would ask for your kind support via a quick vote for Westomatic in the NIVO awards.

Vote for us at the NIVO Awards!

Westomatic has been nominated for the NIVO Awards, and we would really appreciate your support.
Committed to delivering a second-to-none customer service with our machines, the Westo team works hard to deliver your machines and ensure you can rely on quality after-sales care.
Backed by our hotly-anticipated new machines – the H20 and Autorista – Westomatic is the company to watch in 2020, with some  of the most forward thinking, green and innovative machines coming to the market.
We are excited to work with you and truly value your custom. Please spend one minute with the NIVO survey and vote for Westomatic in the NIVO awards’ equipment category.

NIVO has sent out an email to all members, which contains the voting survey. Please spend a minute to click through and cast your vote.

Voting closes at 5pm on 3rd January 2020.

Why vote for Westomatic?
#1 Dedicated Team

We work hard to give you the best experience possible when buying with Westomatic.

Our team is here to deliver you the best machines in the business.

Why vote for Westomatic?
#2 Revenue-Enhancing, Innovative Machines

Why vote for Westomatic?
#3 Prompt Build Time & Deliveries

Voting closes at 5pm on Friday the 3rd January 2020.
Your vote is extremely valuable and your support is greatly appreciated by all of us here at Westomatic.
Please do encourage your colleagues to cast their vote too.

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