How can you lead the industry's future?

When we talk about ‘the future’, we are not talking about 2050. The future is right around the corner when it comes to the business end of the environmental impact.
Pressure is already mounting – reduction in plastic straws, fees for plastic bags, refill stations for milk at supermarkets, movement toward glass rather than plastic bottles; the list goes on. Right around the corner, we are looking at deposit schemes and taxes on plastic bottles and, potentially, legislation on disposable coffee cups. 

Starbucks has already been upping the price of paper cup drinks by 5p AND knocking off 25p for using a personal coffee cup! Are you doing the same?

We provide you a route to a solution: with split-pricing on our Sigma Touch, you can charge more for vended cups and incentivise own-cup use. 

Whatever your position in the market, the time will come when the public is clamouring for personal cup and bottle fill options. We’re driving this change with our focus on the new H2O Hydration Station; bottle refill only, contactless payments and media screen.

Income from bottled water will inevitably begin to decline, so we are ensuring that your water income is secure with cashless payments. Charge for all options or just for flavoured water / run an entirely free vend machine.

The all-new H2O Hydration Station is already attracting orders forward thinking companies…

Work with us toward a better, plastic free future.

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