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If you’ve been watching the news over the past few months you could not have missed the international-scale ‘sit-ins’ by school children all over the world, nor the massive protests currently happening in London. For the children of today the idea of breathing clean air in their 30s is looking like a pipe-dream if the status-quo remains, and they aren’t taking it lying down.
Static video image of Greta Thunberg
Swedish 16 year-old Greta Thunberg began sitting outside her school on Fridays to begin raising awareness of climate change. Since she began this in August 2016 millions of school children all over the world have taken to the floor to encourage their respective governments to start taking steps to limit climate change.
The ongoing protests in London have wreaked havoc on London based businesses, but the message stems from a genuine concern. The ‘extinction rebellion’ assert that we are bringing on an extinction event by ignoring climate change and they’re highlighting this via civil disobedience. 
Climate protesters march on Parliament



Single use plastic water bottles in a conference room
Single use plastic water bottles on a desk
Single use plastic bottles on a desk
Single use plastic water bottles on a conference table

Q. What do you see in the images above?

A. The normalisation of plastic bottles

This may just be a collection of stock images of office meetings, but is speaks to a wider point. Plastic has permeated society to the point of self destruction. So how does Westomatic lend a hand in reducing the volume of plastic waste. 
The H20 Hydration Station is our green machine; 100% devoted to refillable cups and bottles only. With the option to have up to 2 syrup flavours and/or rinse option, this plastic-free solution allows you to refill cups and/or bottles with still and sparkling water.
Reusable water bottle being filled in H20 Hydration Station
Your Plastic Free Solution Tag line
Bottles up to 22cm in height can be accomodated in the H20’s water dispense area. Generally accepting all containers up to 500ml.
Refillable Sigg bottle

Desperately need a cup dropper? We can still accommodate a cup dropper if your customer is insistent that they want one.

Ask about our Azure variant machine to find out more.

Westomatic Elevate machine with logo with reusable bottles
Why not stock reusable bottles in freestanding snack and drinks machines! Got contactless?

Customers can pay £15 for a bottle with a card tap!
Top section of Elevate machine showing reusable bottles
Sigma Cup Sensor information for Earth and H20 Blog

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