Don’t waste your time and money with recycling!


Yes – recycling has a positive impact, but it still has a carbon footprint. Recycling requires resources and money, whereas reusing doesn’t! 
We have removed the hassle and waste of the recycling process by enabling you to reuse cups, mugs, and bottles in any of our freestanding drinks machines! Water, coffee, tea, milkshakes – whatever beverage you enjoy, reuse – don’t recycle.
Westo Machine Key Features:
  • A sensor that automatically recognises that the user has put in their own cup or bottle.
  • Machines can be configured to offer the user a discount when the machine detects they are using their own mug.
  • Machines with a video wall or touchscreen display can promote the reuse option you are offering. 


The latest save the planet craze, reverse Vending  – another machine to purchase to combat the planet’s problem, another expense, another added physical and carbon footprint! These machines often do not have enough capacity to suit public sites. What about high capacity machines? Go ahead if you want to spend double?

Westomatic isn’t trying to sell you another machine, we already offer the solution!

In a recent report, the UK alone discards 4.1 billion disposable cups and lid. Latest figures suggest that this will increase by a third a year, every year by 2030!

Our machines are fitted with a sensor that enables users to choose to reuse their cups and/or bottles rather that use the ones supplied by the machine.

Our free standing machines can be configured so that users are rewarded with a discounted beverage for using their own cup or bottle.

There’s a reason recycle always appears last…

Because there is so much more we could be doing before the last resort of recycling. Instead of buying bottles of water, why not invest in a reusable bottle and refill? This not only initially reduces the waste we produce as a nation but also keeps waste to a minimum. 

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All of our freestanding drinks machines have the reuse function!

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