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Our drinks machines come with the ability to give your users more options than ever. Encourage your users to save money and promote your environmental credibility.

Paper cups could be a thing of the past – with refill water stations appearing all over the world, the refill craze is already starting… why not pass this option on to your end users? Not only will they feel like they are doing their bit for the environment but will be rewarded by receiving a discount. 


Our Snackpoint range can also be used to vend reusable bottles.

The Snackpoint Range:
Do you have a water refill station in your workplace?

Why not place a Snackpoint machine next to it to encourage users to purchase their own bottle and use your refill station!

Don’t have a refill station? 

Our Snackpoint range can be placed conveniently next to our H2O Hydration Station!

The H2O Hydration station supplies not only fresh filtered water but carbonated and flavoured water choices too and can be fitted with a payment pod or hosted by most Westomatic freestanding machines.

Even our HoReCa Range including The Primo Touch allows for refills too! Not only does it allow for a whopping 16.5cm container, but also features a detachable shelf for smaller cups (espresso cups for example).

Increase your revenue: fewer paper cups being used means less maintenance time, less expenditure.

The Sigma range not only comes equipped with a cup sensor to automatically recognise that you are using your own cup or bottle but the nifty shelf included means that a variety of cup or bottle heights can be used. With our split pricing system users will be rewarded with a discount on their choice of drink for utilising a reusable cup, mug or bottle.

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