NEW H2O Hydration Station: A Zero-Waste Water Refill Dispenser – With a Twist!

We’ve launched two new products in as many months which have already made quite a splash. But, we’re thirsty for more. We hope you are, too – because our NEW H2O Hydration Station water dispenser is available NOW! 

The zero-waste H2O Hydration Station is the ultimate water dispenser, specifically designed to suit education settings, healthcare facilities, sports and leisure centres, hotels and spas, office spaces, and other large footfall areas.

However, the sheer amount of potential places that would require and benefit from a Hydration Station are vast, and all that is required is an electricity point and mains water supply.

Not only will you benefit from Westomatic’s superior build quality with the new Hydration Station, but customers will also be drinking the purist water possible thanks to a triple filtration process.

Download the NEW Hydration Station brochure here.

Perfectly Pure Drinking Water

Equipped with a dual FLUUX Filtration System and a UV Filter means water dispensed from the Hydration Station is triple filtered, removing microplastics and eliminating any bacteria. In fact, the FLUUX filtration system alone eliminates bacteria, Trihalomethanes (THMs) and micro-plastics to 0.1 microns. The dual FLUUX filters can filter 71,992 litres of water before they need to be replaced.

This filtration process removes more than most water dispensers or sources:

Download the NEW Hydration Station brochure here.

Water – With a Twist!

Unlike other water dispensers, the H2O Hydration Station dispenses more than just water. The water dispenser is available with two premium ‘bag-in-box’ juice concentrate flavours – Peach Tea and Sunset Orange. The latter contains 72% orange juice contrate, giving a taste that is almost identical to freshly squeezed orange juice.

Both flavours are free from allergenic ingredients. The premium juice concentrates are blended in Britain and are sourced directly from British businesses.

Download the NEW Hydration Station brochure here.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Touch-Free Dispensing with Hover Select Technology
  • Dual FLUUX Filters
  • UV Treatment
  • Micro-Plastic Filtration
  • Illuminated Dispense Area and Water Stream
  • Full Continuous Video Advertising (With Sound)
  • Free Vend and Cashless Payment Systems
  • Capacity for 3 x 5Ltr Juice Containers
  • Bottle Rinse
  • Water Refill
  • Bottle Sensor
  • Flash Chilled Water
  • Highly Profitable

Download the NEW Hydration Station brochure here.

Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Available with Hover Select technology, the Hydration Station requires no touch to refill. From cashless payment to selection, the machine has zero physical touch points.

Hover Select Hydration Station

The Plastic Problem

According to National Geographic, more than a million plastic bottles are sold globally every single minute. A report produced by charity Keep Britain Tidy recently found that 75% of all litter in Britain was the result of “drinking on the go.” The report, commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), highlighted how small plastic bottles alone account for almost 25% of litter.

Only half of the 500 billion plastic bottles produced and sold every year are ever collected for recycling. In fact, the single-use plastic problem in general is much worse. Only 9% of plastic is recycled.

So, where does the 91% of non-recycled plastic waste, and some 250 billion non-recycled bottles, end up?

12% of it is incinerated and a whopping 79% was discarded in landfills or the natural environment, according to National Geographic. The plastic problem, it seems, is far worse than most of us could ever have imagined.

We’re doing our bit to stop the ubiquity of single-use plastics, and we implore you to do your bit too!

Download the NEW Hydration Station brochure here.

An Eco-Friendly Water Dispenser

Because the Hydration Station water dispenser is a refill-only machine, no single-use plastic bottles or cups are dispensed or available. No refillable bottle? No water or juice! Single-use plastics aside, the Hydration Station will minimise your business’s carbon footprint.

It also means less cost(s) for you in both the short and long-term, as transportation and staff costs can be lowered significantly. A single 5-litre box of concentrate can yield up to 100 litres of diluted juice drink – meaning less delivery vehicles and less transport CO2. Packaging waste will also be reduced. Packaging waste will also be reduced.

The Hydration Station also uses a flash chiller to cool the water – a more energy-efficient, eco-friendly way of reducing the water’s temperature.

Download the NEW Hydration Station brochure here.

Highly Profitable and Cost-Effective

If you were to charge £0.50p for every refill of water, the Hydration Station would only need to dispense 14 refills per day for a year to pay for itself. That’s right – just £7 per day in refill sales for a year and you’ve made your investment back! Anything beyond that is pure profit*.

Because a single box of 5LTR juice concentrate can yield up to 100 litres of diluted juice drink, the Hydration Station has the potential to significantly reduce staff and transporation costs, as it doesn’t need to be refilled as often as a traditional drinks vending machine would.

*This calculation is based purely on water-only refills sales and does not account for the cost of utilities (water and electricity).

For more information about the NEW H2O Hydration Station, download the brochure here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to place an order.