Autorista, available Q1 2020

Contact: Dan Tanner | marketing@westomatic.com | 01626 323151

There is a stark lack of competition in this sector of the market – Westomatic is bringing something unique and exciting to the industry with their new express coffee machine.

The brand new Autorista from Westomatic is no longer under wraps. With lots of anticipation and build-up over the past few weeks, Westomatic has been teasing the release of their new self-service coffee machine, which has garnered a lot of interest at Vendex North and seemed to draw every visitor in the arena. The name had been floating around a couple of weeks before Vendex, but details on what to expect were tightly guarded until the show.

During Vendex at Elland Road, Westomatic gathered a crowd to their red white a blue stand to announce their new project – a premium self-service coffee machine, with an impressive aesthetic, designed and built in England. What is the aim of this new machine? Here are the words of Westomatic Marketing Manager, Dan Tanner:


“We set out to create a machine to lead the premium self-service market, with the aim to deliver a user experience that will break down any objection to the price of a machine-dispensed coffee. When you look at our new Autorista, pay attention to the initial impression; a 27-inch touch screen with full screen adverts, a bold, matte design and strong build quality, the aesthetic impresses enough to overcome any hesitation in parting with your £2 in exchange for a drink.

Advertising or promotions on screen can be constant, with videos rolling while idle, during menu selections and during the drink dispense. When viewed on the 27-inch high definition touch screen, the video content on the Autorista is genuinely striking, whilst the slick, moderns, customisable menu system is more responsive and engaging than any coffee machine to date. Upon opening the door, the improvements inside are immediately apparent – we have redesigned everything, from the ground up, to create a machine that makes better coffee and tea whilst simultaneously being more intuitive for operators. On top of this, operators will find quality of life improvements such as the integrated ingredient canister holder for easy refilling, a whipper deck with removable tray for easy cleaning and on-screen maintenance guides for cleaning and diagnosis tasks.

Using your own containers is going to be the next revolution in cutting down waste, which is why we designed the Autorista with cup-height sensors, enabling the use of personal cups with no chance of overfilling.

The Autorista will allow you to capitalise on customer interest like no other machine, with a price point that is going to surprise everybody.”


Designed and built in Britain, Westomatic’s new machine will be available towards the end of Q1 2020 as the final kinks are ironed out in the product. More information on the Autorista can be found on the Westomatic website at www.westomatic.com.

More details will become available as the machine nears production.


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