Next Generation Hydration


New Features and Bold New Design Bring to Life an All-New H20 Hydration Station
Provide a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks with a flavoured, carbonated water alternative. Make the H20 your environmentally friendly bottle refill station. When it comes to drinking water and water-based drinks, the H20 Hydration Station in the preeminent solution for leisure centres, gyms , offices, meeting rooms, canteens and even cafés.
With the option for cashless payments, why not offer 20p water bottle refills as an alternative to buying another plastic bottle?
Offer a climate-friendly solution with simple payments.


12 Inch Media Screen

Capitalise using promotion and advertising

Cashless Payments

Take cashless payments for ease-of-use

Illumination Throughout

Bold design to attract customers to your machine

Hydration for the Nation

Improve productivity, concentration, positivity, digestion and more. 

Reduce Plastic Bottle Waste - Refill, Not Landfill

The Hydration Station is specifically designed for bottle refills, meaning that there is no need to buy a brand new plastic bottle for your next 500ml of water. 
In an effort to move away from plastic waste, we designed the Hydration Station to make sure your income from water is not inhibited by the likely future taxation of plastic bottles. 

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