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Everyone needs refreshment at some point during their working day. Whether it’s a hot or cold drink, light snack, healthy fruit or a spot of lunch. Westomatic has got you covered with a huge variety of drinks, snack and food machines -ensuring that you can meet the needs of any customer.
Take advantage of our handy guide below, download the images for your own use and send directly to your customers to pique their interest. 

Get savvy with our

The reliable Snackpoint range is the ultimate snack and drink vendor thanks to it’s durable and reliable build, sleek and stylish design and user-friendly interface.
Take advantage of the Duo’s touch screen menu; perfect for advertising and up-selling products as well as displaying nutritional information. Provide a snack, bottle and can solution for your train station, airport, shopping centre, canteen or even a staff-less shop!

Fanatical about

HOT DRINKS – Our hot drinks vending machine range offers bean to cup coffee, freshly brewed tea, hot chocolate, soup, decaffeinated coffee, syrup shots and even milkshakes. From the basic push button selection model to the fully interactive touch screen unit, our range offers a machine for every requirement.
COLD DRINKS – Provide a healthy alternative to sugary soft drinks with a flavoured, carbonated water alternative. Make the H20 your environmentally friendly bottle refill station. The Elevate range of machines has been designed with a simple idea in mind – High Capacity for High Footfall and fewer operator visits.

Heavenly Beverages with

Our HoReCa Primo range has been designed with innovation and drinks quality in mind. Our range features easy to use touch screen (with advertising features) and simpler push-button drink menus so no matter the age or language of the user, the system will be used with ease.
Overview of BTC and Instant Westomatic Horeca machines with Info

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