Our Expert Team is comprised of people committed to working for you

Our aim at Westomatic was to put together and coordinate staff that are comfortably positioned to handle the day-to-day operation of our business. We wanted a team of professionals who can rise to the challenge of becoming the most customer-centric team in the industry.
We recently implemented a new Parts Shop on our customer support site, which is specifically designed to help customers find what they need and buy it conveniently. Alongside this are myriad other resources on WestoNET, we want to ensure that all the information you need for our machines is easily accessible by simply visiting our website.
Check out our online resources here
d With these online resources at hand for customers, it’s also vital to have a front-end support team who can help you with any queries, questions and orders. 
We’d like to introduce and familiarise you with some of our team. Get to know us below! 


Fresh faces to most of you and your first port of call for all your enquiries will be Allana and Jess! Affectionately known as ‘Alan and Jeff’, they have joined together to form a friendly and capable front-facing team for Westomatic.

If you’re in the North of the UK, Jess will be at the end of the phone for you and in the South you’ll be in the capable hands of Allana.


The most patient man ever to grace a telephone, Westomatic veteran Byan is a crucial part of our front-end team, handling parts orders and myriad other enquiries.


Handling everything from machine graphics to website design and PR, many of you will have had contact with the Westomatic Marketing team. If you need help with anything related to media, design, product information and beyond, Dan and H are on hand to provide you with what you require.


All machines begin with a design; implementing these designs is a highly skilled job and, since joining our team last year, John has become a huge asset to Westomatic and you can look forward to seeing his machines come to fruition in the near future. Mark Lane’s memorable videos and expertise in the industry is legendary – with years of experience at Westomatic and a background in Electrical Engineering, Mark is an invaluable part of the team.


Paul joined the Westomatic team earlier this year to head up Accounts for the company. Bringing with him decades of experience and Paul has become part of the foundation of Westomatic for 2019.


Your men on the road: Jason and Steve cover the entire country, attending instals and helping with any technical queries that our customer’s might have. With decades of industry experience between them, Jason and Steve are some of the most seasoned and expert problem solvers you’ll find. 


Holding the record for longest serving Westo employee, David Scott is an encyclopaedia of Technical information. Hanging up his driving gloves last year, David now lends his expertise to our factory and is on hand at Westo headquarters.


Having spent his whole career in the industry, Richard is a household name in vending and needs no introduction; you’ve probably been pitched a machine or two by Richard over the years!
Andrea celebrated her 15th year with Westomatic in 2019 and has been a front-facing part of the business for much of that time. Andrea also heads up the refurb section of Westomatic.  

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