Today, 8th March, marks ‘International Women’s Day’ so we thought now would be a great opportunity to celebrate the #WomenOfWestomatic.

As an equal opportunities employer, over the past half a century, the #WomenOfWestomatic have always been integral throughout the entire business. From HR to distribution, sales, marketing and engineering.

Helen ‘H’ Martin plays an important role in our Marketing Department, making sure all web based content and marketing material looks as fantastic as it does. Helen gets stuck into any project or problem she faces with a refreshing ‘can do’ attitude, we’d all be lost without our H.

Jess Tozer is the voice that you’ll most likely hear first if you call Westomatic. On the frontline, even though she’s the youngest member of the Westomatic family, her quick problem-solving skills and technical knowledge is quite remarkable.

Kat Brinsley works in multiple areas of the business, including making sure our parts and stock system is absolutely tip top. She also provides photography and videography throughout the business, and as a personal trainer, she also promotes a healthy lifestyle for us all and has been known to swat a cake clean out of your hand!

Katie Hammond handles all of our new sales leads, and if you meet Katie, it’s an experience you’ll probably never forget. Boundless energy and enthusiasm, she’s superb at what she does and to all those who work with her.

Nicola Baker who works in purchasing has been with us the past few years to make sure our stock levels are maintained and keeps the factory running as smoothly as it does.

Sandra Croucher & Cherie Luton are assemblers on the production line in our factory who help build our drinks machines, so next time you enjoy a drink from a Westomatic machine, you can thank them both!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to make a special mention to our Commercial Director, Andrea Goswell who celebrates her 18th year at Westomatic later this month. Having joined the Westomatic family in 2003, Andrea is greatly admired by many who’ve worked alongside her within the food & beverages industry. Her professional and caring nature is demonstrated in everything she does and we’re delighted to have her as part of the Westomatic family. Being front-facing, you may have received a live machine demonstration from Andrea over the years, complimented by her encyclopedic knowledge of the industry. You may also know that she’ll be able to tell you pretty much everything there is to know about vending machine refurbishment, having headed up the division for the majority of her time with us.

We’re sure you’ll join us in celebrating the hard work and dedication from all the #WomenOfWestomatic, who’ve been instrumental to our many achievements throughout the industry.

Thank you.

#InternationalWomensDay #WomenOfWestomatic #EqualOpportunitiesEmployer

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