Put Customers’ Safety First with the Covid Cover


As part of our commitment to develop innovative, Covid-ready products and contact-free vending solutions, we’re pleased to announce that the Covid Cover is now exclusively available from Westomatic.

Designed and built in Britain, the Covid Cover is a safety screen – compatible with any make and model of floor-standing machine – that has been specifically developed to separate machines, providing protection against close-contact viruses like COVID-19.

In light of the ongoing pandemic, the health and safety of customers is of paramount importance. Now, you can put customers’ safety first, give them better protection and complete peace of mind with the Covid Cover.

Customer Safety, Solved.

We received several requests during lockdown to design and develop something that could be attached to floor-standing machines, to act as a screen or divider on either side of a customer. Fast forward a few weeks, tweaks and prototypes and the Covid Cover was born.

With the Covid Cover in place, customers are flanked by approximately 45cm of protruding steel and acrylic, which acts as a safety screen for customers when using a machine. The Cover also has a plastic rim as a safety feature.

The Covid Cover can be quickly installed on all floor-standing machines – not just machines manufactured by Westomatic. At only £130 (ex. VAT), can you really afford not to install a Covid Cover on each machine? We’re also offering FREE DELIVERY of the Covid Cover when purchased with a Westomatic machine.

We chose to manufacture the Covid Cover out of steel, not only because of its durability and long-lasting properties, but also because plastic-like materials like Plexiglas are currently in dire need in industries like healthcare and retail, used to protect frontline staff from the threat of Coronavirus.

Why Choose a Covid Cover?

You’ve probably already made some solid assumptions about the Covid Cover’s benefits based on the visuals above. But, here is a rundown of the main benefits and features:

  1. Customer Safety: Whilst selecting and purchasing snacks and drinks, customers using a machine with a Covid Cover attached will be shielded on both sides by the steel safety screen.
  2. Compatible with ANY Machine: Although designed with Westomatic machines in mind, the Covid Cover is compatible with any make or model of machine.
  3. Easy to Clean: As the Covid Cover is made from steel and acrylic, it is easy to keep clean with anti-viral and anti-bacterial cleaning products. Simply spray the surface and wipe clean!
  4. Durability: Made from CR4 steel with circular acrylic windows, the Covid Cover is built to last. Once installed, the divider should last for many, many
  5. Install in Minutes: Simply bolt on to a machine in minutes. No drilling required!
  6. Fully Customisable: The Covid Cover can be customised to fit with your corporate colours or branding. Any graphic or visual can be used to make it look pretty!
  7. Perfect for Banked Machines: The Covid Cover is particularly useful when there is a bank of frequently used machines.

Covid-Ready Vending Solutions

The Covid Cover is the second Covid-ready vending solution we’ve launched in seven days, after launching the Sigma ‘No Touch’ Café late last week. Both the Covid Cover and No-Touch Sigma Café are part of our wider commitment to industry-leading innovation in stopping the spread of Coronavirus, and making vending machines as safe as possible to use.

If you’d like to learn more about the Westomatic Covid Cover, No-Touch Sigma Café or other Covid-ready vending solutions we currently have available, click here. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.