Vending in Education

Is Education a difficult nut to crack for the Vending Industry?

Well granted that 12-year-olds aren’t clamouting for a coffee machine, the answer seems to depend on what type of machine you’re marketing. 

In 2018, two Westomatic Sigma Touch machines were installed in an English grammar school, both of which were equipped with the option to dispense two types of milkshake.

Our customer happily reported that they were visiting the school every 1-2 days to refill the milkshake syrups.
With a 2-litre bottle of milkshake syrup, 2 milkshake flavours and a 45 ml dispense, this meant 88 shakes every couple of days were vended from each machine at the school.

With two machines in situ that’s a potential 172 milkshakes sold; at £1 – 2 per shake, that’s an impressive weekly income.
Single-use plastics are extremely unfashionable among modern universities and replacing bottle vendors with water dispensing machines seems to be the direction of travel.
A university administrator visiting Vendex North 2018 told us that they were looking to buy reusable water bottles for the entire administration and dotting refill stations around the campus.
I’m certain that more and more school administrators can be further persuaded that vending is right for their students when presented with the wide range of healthy and quirky things available from vending machines too!
Here are some real examples:
  • Books
  • Bacon
  • Full meals
  • Reusable water bottles
and not to mention a Pot Noodle vending machine powered by revision, which pays out for free if certain students can answer on-screen questions correctly.

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