Sustainable Cups: This is the future

Waste generated from disposable coffee cups is a hot talking point at the moment. With government involvement and 25p charges potentially on the horizon, now is the time to be embracing sustainable cup solutions.

Major Vending Players are Asking Us A Lot Of Cup Questions

We are here to clear up the cup confusion.
As the world begins to change, we tell you some of our solutions for the cup crises.

Cup Tax
The industry has dodged the ‘latte levy’ for the time being. No real action has been taken yet. However Philip Hammond has consultations on charging extra for plastic bottles, cups and packaging. However, this should not make us complacent as there will be a time when this comes to fruition. 
Recycling & Plastics Crisis
It’s no secret that sweeping changes are necessary to reduce plastic waste and avoid putting recyclable materials into landfill. Solutions are being attempted, and we should be following suit. Just this week, Starbucks has pledged a large sum towards creating a cup that’s compostable for roll out to all of their franchises within 3 years.

Westomatic Solutions

Solution 1: Use your own mug, save 25p
All of our freestanding machines are fitted with a cup sensor, so why not encourage end users to fill their own mugs and cups, rather than using a vended cup? Incentivising this with a discount for being more environmentally friendly is one way we can reduce waste.

Solution 2: Side Pods

Whatever the choice of cup, a side pod can accommodate. Be it the more sustainable compostable cups or a traditional cup. If using a traditional paper cup for your vend, try to find a scheme that specialises in recycling these (see for example).

Solution 3: Use Your Own Bottle

With our Azure machine, you can refill 500ml water bottle rather than using a vended cup.
Why not invite customers to buy a reusable bottle from a sprial vending machine to use with the refill function of the Azure water machine. 

Reduce plastic waste, reduce plastic particle ingestion: use your own bottle and refill!