NEW QR Codes and Digital Support: The Future is Now


As part of our ongoing commitment to provide more digital support to our customers, we’re pleased to announce that ALL of our machines are now fitted with an internal QR code, which can be scanned to access our online support hub. The future is now.

To address the demands and requirements set out for us by this ‘new normal’ working environment, we’re stepping our digital support and communication up a gear. The first significant step on our path to providing digitised support is the introduction of our NEW QR codes.

These QR codes are specifically aimed at increasing first-time fixes by providing immediate, on-demand help to engineers and technicians.

What are QR Codes?


QR codes are square, barcode-like images that are read rapidly by smartphone cameras to provide access to specific website pages. As of now, ALL of our machines have an internal QR code which, when used, takes users to support pages on WestoNet – our digital support hub.

Every one of our machines – from floor-standing to table-top – has its own dedicated support page, which includes information like: Live technical feed, preventative maintenance information, FAQs, reference guides, parts numbers, technical manuals – and more!

Check out the support pages by clicking here.

Instant Access. Quick Response.


‘QR’ stands for ‘Quick Response’ and, as the name suggests, scanning a QR code provides instant access to online web pages. Using our QR codes, engineers and technicians can get instant access to a wealth of product and preventative maintenance information for all of our machines via WestoNet.

Faced with the ‘new normal’, engineers and technicians may be in short supply. But, with our QR codes and WestoNet, even people who have never worked on our machines will have an instant, online support resource.

Each QR Code is located on the inside of the door panel on every Westomatic machine (see below). Once the door is opened, the instantly recognisable QR code is clearly visible. Once scanned, the QR code will take the technician to the support page for that particular model of machine.

How our QR Codes Work

Using our QR codes and gaining access to digital support and online resources really is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

STEP 1: Open the door of the machine and locate the QR code on the inside of the door panel.


STEP 2: Open your smartphone’s camera and focus it closely on the QR code, hovering for a few seconds.


STEP 3: View live technical feeds, FAQs, reference guides, manuals and more via the WestoNet page the QR code takes you to.


Why Use Westomatic QR Codes?

  • Efficient: Our QR codes and WestoNet should reduce the amount of time an engineer needs to spend on a machine. The ultimate goal is a first-time fix!
  • Cost-Effective: By reducing the amount of time spent working on a machine and increasing efficiency, there is significant scope for a reduction in maintenance costs.
  • Instant Access: On-demand support can be accessed instantly with just a smartphone and an internet connection.
  • First-Time Fixes: Our QR codes and digital support hub, WestoNet, are specifically designed to increase the number of first-time fixes.
  • FAQs: Technical questions and queries that are asked most frequently are regularly added to each WestoNet page.
  • Parts Information: Immediate access to a list of part numbers and an online parts shop for every machine.
  • Technical Manuals: Manuals for all machines are accessible and available for download.
  • LIVE Technical Feed: For some Westomatic machines, we also have a live technical feed, providing real-time technical updates.

The Human Touch

Although we’re stepping up our digital support and communication,  our North (Claire & Steve) and South (Jess & Jason) technical teams are always on hand to help our priority customers via our NEW direct dial priority lines. Do you buy our machines? Want a sheet of QR codes for all models? Contact us

Unlike other manufacturers, we don’t outsource our Customer Service and Account Management. Based in Britain at our Devon HQ, our teams are on hand to take technical, support and customer service calls or emails.

Need support? Contact us or visit WestoNet.


If you’d like to learn more about our British-made vending machines, or our QR Codes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.