NEW H2O Hydration Station

The Ultimate Water Bottle Refill System

• Triple-Filtered, Pure Water

• Premium Juice Concentrates (Sunset Orange & Peach Tea)

• No-Touch, Hover Select Buttons

• FLUUX Dual Filtration System & UV Filter

• Eco-Friendly Bottle Fill – No Single-Use Plastics!

• Cashless Payments or Free Vend

• Media Screen (for Video Adverts)

• Designed and built in Britain

FLUUX Dual Filtration

Removes bacteria, THMs and micro-plastics to 0.1 microns.
Filters 71,992 litres of water before needing replacement filter.

Premium Juice Concentrates

Hydration Station can be supplied with two premium concentrates -
Sunset Orange and Peach Tea.

12-inch Media Screen

Generate additional revenue using media

No-Touch Technology

Hover Select technology means a customer can make
a drink selection without physically touching the machine.

Cashless Payments

Pair Hover Select buttons with a cashless payment system to
ensure completely touch-free dispensing.

Illuminated Dispense Area

Bright blue illuminated bottle dispense looks great, and makes dispensing
in dimmer locations easier.

Which Industries Need a Hydration Station?


Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Centres, Childcare Settings, Nurseries, Preschools, 


High Street Shops, Supermarkets, Department Stores, Fashion Retail Outlets, Car Dealerships, Other High Footfall Retail Settings.

Travel & Transport

Airports, Train Stations, Bus and Coach Stations, Distribution Centres, Logistics Depots and Hubs, Freight Facilities.


Hotels, Spas, Gyms, Wellness Centres, Retreats, Holiday Parks, Leisure Centres, Swimming Pools, Fitness Centres.


Training Facilities, Recreational Facilities, Sport Stadiums and Arenas, Health and Fitness Facilities, Gyms, Rehabilitation Settings.

Public Sector

Public sector office facilities, police stations, fire and ambulance stations, hospitals, schools and other education settings.

Attractions & Amusements

Theme Parks, Amusement Parks, Zoos, Wildlife Conservation Centres, Museums, Other Outdoor Attractions.


Offices, Serviced Offices, Office Blocks, Factories, Warehouses, Storage Facilities, Other Industrial Facilities and Buildings.

Health & Wellbeing

Hospitals, doctors surgeries, dentist and orthodontist surgeries, wellness centres, rehabilitation centres.


Height – 1824mm | Width – 500mm | Depth – 725mm | Minimum sitting distance from back wall to rear of cabinet – 100mm

Electrical Services

Voltage (volts AC +/- 10%) – 230 | Current (amps) – 13 | Frequency (HZ) – 50

Energy Consumption

Idle Phase (watt hrs/hr) – 56 | EVA/EMP Rating – A++

Water Requirements

Pressure – 138 kpa (1.37 Bar) min – 828 kpa (8.27 Bar) max | Supply – 15 mm BSP from rising main

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