The Roaring 20s

Christmas came and went, New Year was sung in, and a new decade has begun with 2020. 

Fashion seems to be drifting back to the 90s with ripped jeans and midriffs.
In music, Boyzone and Spice Girls are having reunion tours as if it were 1995 again and we’re still watching Home Alone every Christmas.
But before you all rush out to buy a pager or one of those Compact Disc players, just let us remind you that we’re here to drag this industry into the next decade!

At Westomatic, we have been working tirelessly to deliver new products, our best ever service and reasons to go green in 2019, well now it’s time to double our efforts: With new machines entering production, a planet to save and a vision for the future, the Westo team is right here to support you in 2020. 

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