One Stop Shop…

The Sigma Touch delivers the superb drink standard that customers expect, along with a second-to-none user experience.

Exceptional Coffee

From Cappuccino to Latte to Americano, Sigma Touch assures a high standard of coffee and multiple options.
Alongside great coffee, you can enjoy a freshly brewed tea, hot chocolate or even a tasty milkshake – choose from a huge range of delicious beverages.
Exceptional Coffee
Fluffy Hot Chocolate
Freshly Brewed Tea
Chilled Cool Coffee


Sigma Touch Screen in use with advertising caption
By Utilising the features on our 19″ Touch Screen you can substantially maximise your revenue. Branding and advertising alone can make a change but using the extra features such as accessibility options and language choices means you open up your machine’s potential to everyone.
  • Touch Screen
  • Integrated Speakers
  • Branding capability
  • Advertising opportunities 
  • Accessibility options
  • Language Choices 
  • Syrup shots available
  • 19″ Touch Screen Interface
  • Built in Energy Saving Management Software
  • Compatible with coin, card & contactless payment systems
  • Free audit software to download drink sales information to USB drive
  • Or gather your telemetry remotely using 3G

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