Westo Vs The Others - Delivery Disappointment?

Waiting too long for your order can be infuriating and delays can hinder your productivity. Westomatic won’t let you down on delivery times.

Everyone in the industry has horror stories of unacceptable delays and disappointed customers; we all know how that can affect reputations as well as dissuade customers from making repeat orders.

However, when it comes to needing your order in a hurry, it isn’t just delays holding you back – the lead time from order to delivery in many instances can be a let-down. At Westomatic our prompt and accurate lead times mean that you will have your machine in 3-4 weeks, whereas you may have to wait 5, 6, 7 weeks and beyond for competitors to come through for you!
Order any Westomatic as standard and receive your machines in 4 weeks or less. Customised branding can increase lead times.


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