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Travel mugs have been around for a long time now. In fact, they were introduced in the 1980s. In light of the recent escalating problems with plastic pollution, every responsible retailer is now stocking personal beverage products and it’s about time that everyone caught up, as the coming years are going to shake up the industry.


With varying designs, shapes, sizes and colours, personalisation options and material choices, no matter what type of mug or bottle design, it’s out there and people are buying them in record numbers.

Switching to reusable cups would save 500 billion cups going to landfill every year!

Fun Fact
Love it or Hate it, Even 'Love Island' is Encouraging Reusable Cups

It’s not for everyone, but the popularity of shows such as Love Island in the 18-30 demographic is strongly encouraging the purchase of reusable water bottles and coffee cups. The reusable bottles and cups are seen as a fashion statement and highly sought after among viewers.


It’s not just the consumer market for cups that had to change. In turn, the vending machine business has also had to continue to step up its game.
Step Up Your Game… with Sensors!

At Westomatic our freestanding Sigma machines ALL come with a built-in mug/cup sensor, as standard!
In fact…ALL of our freestanding drinks machines, both hot & cold, include the sensor.
Step Up Your Game… with Split Pricing!

Set prices separately for dropped cups and inserted cups. Offer discounts for those using their own container with the Sigma Touch!


Set prices separately for dropped cups and inserted cups. Offer discounts for those using their own container with the Sigma Touch! With the Sigma range, your environmental possibilities & advantages are endless…
  • Encourage users to do their bit by offering a discount on drinks when they use their own mug.
  • Place a Sigma next to an Elevate or Snack machine, enabling the user to vend a reusable bottle.
  • Less maintenance time wasted on refilling cups.
  • All of our Sigmas come with amedia screen. Utilise this to the max by showing environmental messages and playing. videos that demonstrate the impact their contribution will have on our planet. 
  • Add bespoke graphics to really pack a punch and get the message across. 
  • Each Sigma comes as standard with a cup shelf, no cup is too small! 
So whether you choose a cool coffee or a milkshake from the Sigma Touch, a smooth, velvety Creamichoc from the Sigma Café or an aromatic, freshly ground Latte from the Sigma Simplicity, each machine has everything you need to be a ONE CUP WONDER!

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