We often get asked whether we can provide more…more beans, more milk, extra payment options and the answer is YES! Many of our machines have the ability to add more with optional add-ons and extra features.

More beans, more ingredients, less restocking!

Increase ingredient capacity

Is your machine situated in a high traffic area?
The HoReCa Primo range is available with the option of stackable ben canister extensions along with ingredient canister extensions. Giving the customer the ability to fully customise the capacity of the beans, milk, chocolate, etc to suit the environment of each individual machine.

Payment Systems

Our machines are compatible with a wide range of payment systems, Contactless, Card, cash or even Tokens.
Increase your customer base by adding a payment pod and open up a multiple of payment options, whether you have a contactless payment system, card reader, coin acceptor or change giver.

Base Cabinets

Do you need to move your Primo?

No Problem?

Our Primos are available with an optional base cabinet, which not only makes it more aesthetically pleasing when free-standing but perfect for housing a Waste-to-Base kit which increases the amount of coffee grout, etc that can be held. This is particularly beneficial when canister extensions are used and help to lengthen the time between operator visits.
Alternatively, a Pump and Tank Kit could be fitted for sites where a suitable mains water supply is not available.

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