Introducing again… the Completely Contactless, Eco-friendly EVOLVE Nutritional Drinks Dispenser

Here we are again… We launched, we went into another lockdown!

But the gym doors are unlocking one by one and now is the time to Evolve your business into a new, unknown future. Now is the time to act and adapt.  

We’re incredibly proud to launch the EVOLVE Nutrition Station: a completely fresh and versatile addition to our product range that is perfectly aligned with the diversification of our business, and our first foray into the global health and fitness market.

The EVOLVE is the world’s first completely contactless, eco-friendly nutritional drinks dispenser. Check it out…

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Completely Contactless: No Need to Touch

Users of the EVOLVE Nutrition Station will never need to physically touch the machine. The EVOLVE Nutrition Station is equipped with Hover Select technology, giving gym-goers and alike no need to touch the machine. From selecting a nutritional drink to cashless payment, and dispensing, there are zero physical touchpoints. It is completely Covid-safe.

Although a COVID-19 vaccine is thankfully in the early stages of rolling out across the globe, contactless, self-service machines are an integral part of our ‘new normal’ – especially in health and fitness settings like gyms.

Complete with a contactless payment system, automated retail machines like the EVOLVE are also perfect for health and fitness settings that are open 24-hours per day, and are often unmanned during off-peak and unsociable hours.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.

Eco-friendly: Think Before You Drink

As users of the EVOLVE Nutrition Station have to use their own bottle or shaker, just 50 dispenses a day will remove over 18,000 single-use plastic bottles from the environment every year. Pair this with the EVOLVE’s sister machine, the H2O Hydration Station, and this total removal of single-use plastic bottles increases to 36,000 – per site.

For a gym group like PureGym, an EVOLVE Nutrition Station paired with a Hydration Station at every one of their 260 sites could remove almost half-a-million single-use plastic bottles from the environment every year. Two machines at each site would see this rise to almost 1 million.

Not only is the EVOLVE better for the environment due to the removal of single-use plastic bottles, it will also reduce the waste typically produced by a fitness facility – saving a significant amount of money every year.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.

Multiple Supplement Types & Flavours

The EVOLVE Nutrition Station can hold and dispense up to four flavours of sports nutrition or protein supplements. In fact, the dispenser is compatible with almost all forms of powdered or granulated sports nutrition supplements, including: Protein, Branched-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA), Pre-Workout, Thermogenics, Electrolytes, Meal Replacement Powders and Weight Loss Powders.

The dispenser can be formatted to dispense a four of the above instead of four different flavours of protein, for example. In a single EVOLVE, you could dispense a Thermogenic, Pre-Workout, Protein and BCAA.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.

Vegan Friendly: Contamination Free

Because each flavour of protein or type of supplement has its own canister, and all four are delivered through separate pipes and nozzles, the EVOLVE Nutrition Station can offer customers a vegan option whilst ensuring the drink will be completely free of contamination with dairy-containing products.

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12” Media Screen

The EVOLVE comes complete with a 12” media screen, which can be used to display gym class timetables, membership information or offers, for example. The screen could also be used to create an extra revenue stream by selling advertising space to brands and businesses.

With an easy-to-change and update process which requires just a USB stick or SD Card, media can be changed quickly and regularly.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.

Highly Profitable

With the average single-use plastic bottle of premade Protein Shake from brands like Maximuscle, Grenade & MyProtein costing between £2.50-£3.50, the RRP for one dispense from the EVOLVE Nutrition Station is £3GBP. 100 dispenses per day – a conservative estimate for a large gym with hundreds of members – could therefore generate almost £110,000 annually.

For even a small gym chain with 10 sites, revenue from EVOLVE dispense sales could top £1.1m every year.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.

Gyms, Leisure Centres & Training Facilities

The EVOLVE Nutrition Station has been specifically designed and developed with gyms, leisure centres and elite training facilities in mind. Unlike some protein dispensers on the market, the EVOLVE has a small footprint and more slender frame, making it easy to install even in places where floorspace is tight.

The machine measures just 50cm in width and is just over 180cm tall (approx. 5’10”), with a depth of 67cm.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.

Refuel. Recover. Repeat.

It was a long, hard slog last year for businesses of all sizes last year. 2021 is your year, and ours. Refuel and recover this year with the addition of a highly-profitable EVOLVE Nutrition Station.

If you’d like a live demonstration via Teams or Zoom, contact Marketing at Westomatic here.

Download the brochure here. Find out more here.