Finding the Most Suitable Machine for Every Location

Placing the right machine in the right location is an important factor when considering how to bring in the optimum volume of customers and capitalise on them appropriately.
Holy Water Vending Machine
Holding Out for a Hero
Around this year 2000 years ago, a genius Greek inventor named Hero established our industry, with the creation of the world’s first vending machine.
It could not dispense a Milkshake or a Frothy Latte, but was a liquid dispenser of sorts. The machine delivered holy water when a coin was inserted into a slot. 
How did it work?
  • An inserted coin hit a pan, which was attached to a lever
  • When the coin hit, the lever would move and open a valve
  • When the valve opened, water would dispense out
  • The water would stop dispensing after the coin fell from the pan
  • No longer weighted down, the pan would snap the valve closed
Hero saw a need in the Alexandria temple and built a machine suitable for that location.
We may not have temples to accommodate any more, but there are businesses, schools and zoos out there that need a machine or three!
That’s exactly what you get from Westomatic: machine combinations to suit any site.
Having been in the business for over 50 years we are in tune with the needs of specific locations and we are confident in accommodating each customer’s requirement with a combination of our machines. 

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