Delicious Instant Drinks | Fast Serving Times


Instant coffee & tea at the push of a button

• Push button keypad

• Available with either 3 (Mini) or 4 (Midi) canisters

• Quick and easy to use

• Perfect for every location

Key Features

Instant canisters serve delicious coffee, full-bodied tea, thick soup or even chai latte

Have a delicious hot drink in a matter of seconds

Utilise the versatility and turn the machine into the ultimate soup solution!

Serve up to 12 drinks with the Midi and 7 with the Mini

The compact size is perfect for any location, including those with limited space

Instant coffee and tea, instantly at your fingertips

Give your canteen or office a fast service caffeine boost and taste sensation!


Custom Branding

Draw attention and promote your brand on the exterior panels of the Primo. 

Primo Mini Instant Horeca System on base cabinet

Base Cabinet

Great for storing ingredient refills, milk, sugar and stirrers.

Horeca system Primo Mini with cash payment module

Payment Systems

The Primo supports most payment systems including Nayax and MEI models. (Either cash or cashless can be chosen, not both)

Ingredients (Midi)

Instant Coffee – 500g | Chocolate – 1.5kg | Milk – 1.35kg | Sugar – 1.9kg

Ingredients (Mini)

Instant Coffee – 500g | Chocolate – 800g | Milk – 750g

Dimensions (Midi)

Height – 569mm | Width – 409mm | Width (with payment module) – 560mm | Depth – 521mm | Weight (approx unpacked) – 22kg

Dimensions (Mini)

Height – 569mm | Width – 248mm | Width (with payment module) – 398mm | Depth – 501mm | Weight (approx unpacked) – 17kg

Electrical Services

Hourly Capacity – 360 cups (120ml) | Voltage (volts AC +/- 10%) – 230 | Current (amps) – 13 | Frequency (HZ) – 50/60

Energy Consumption

Power (watt) – 3275 | EVA/EMP Rating – A+

Water Requirements

Pressure – 200 kpa (2 Bar) min – 600 kpa (6 Bar) max | Supply – 15 mm BSP from rising main

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