Westomatic Vending Services Ltd was founded in 1966 by Mr and Mrs Brinsley. The company originally established its reputation as a refurbisher of vending machines, supplying and distributing automatic vending machines, ingredients and support services throughout Southern England. These machines sold eggs, milk and a range of food and drinks.

The current Managing Director, Richard Brinsley, joined his father and mother in the family company in May 1966, when it was based at the original premises in St Leonard’s Road, Newton Abbot, Devon.


The company grew during the 1970s, refurbishing and supplying a wide range of vending machines, for a growing market.
In the middle is an original egg vending machine, rescued from a local Devon farm. Covered in chicken feathers and straw when it was delivered to the factory in the 1970s, Westomatic’s skilled craftsmen restored it to its former glory!
An original Arco machine that came to Westomatic from the Arc Royal. Westomatic restored the machine for posterity, refurbishing all the original parts to full working order.


In 1987 in addition to just supplying vending machines, we started to manufacture its own vending machines at a purpose-built manufacturing plant based in Newton Abbot, Devon.

A wide range of machines was developed, from coffee, tea and snack vending to water chillers and healthy vending machines.


During the 1990s, Westomatic’s Temprano and Riviera models both won awards for innovation and established Westomatic’s reputation as a leader in vending machine design and innovation.

In 1992 Westomatic completed the design of its own brewer mechanism which was incorporated into all new freshbrew machines from September of that year. This enabled the company to start producing vending machines that offered a much higher quality of fresh brew tea and coffee than its competitors.

In 1998 five acres of land was purchased, adjacent to the existing site, to enable the company to extend the factory to provide a world class manufacturing plant for the new millennium.


2001 saw the successful launch of a new range of drinks vending machines at the AVEX 2001 Exhibition in London. These incorporated innovative features such as the market-leading monitoring and measurement system, SIMM Logic, and energy saving electrical and microprocessor systems.

Also in 2001, Westomatic partnered with an Italian supplier, FAS, to launch a new range of eco-friendly snack vending machines called SnackTime

Later that year, Westomatic was voted Vending Innovation of the Year for the SIMM Logic system and were highly commended for the Espresso Café machine at the first ever BT Innovation Awards.

Success continued during the decade with the launch of two new tabletop machines, the Prelude and the Primo.

In May 2009 Westomatic launched a new logo, new website, new parts warranty scheme and a range of new customer care initiatives. In addition, the company showcased its full range of vending machines at AVEX 2009 in June, along with new business and corporate branding for the workplace.


In 2010 Westomatic launched their first Touchscreen machine, the Sigma Touch. This was a leap forward for innovation within the vending industry, the combination of outstanding drink quality and immersive touch technology offered a unique vending solution. This model was developed further with the addition of the Coffee to Go retail unit which provided an extensive, barista-quality solution for retail sites.

So far, the company has won a series of industry awards including the recent Best New Product (Vendies 2017) for the Primo Touch and the Product Excellence: Equipment (AVS 2017) for the second year running. In addition to this, the Primo Touch won an iF Design award in 2018 and it’s little brother, the Compact, recently won the Red DOt design award for 2019.

Westomatic was awarded with the Vendies Award in 2018 for Best Supplier Website.