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Water and Coffee - The Perfect Partnership

Create the ultimate refreshment hub with purified water from the Azure partnered with the delicious, fresh, bean-to-cup coffee from the Sigma Touch. Learn how to refresh your site today!

The Azure - Purified Water at the Push of a Button!

Water has never tasted so pure and refreshing thanks to the Azure. The twice-filtered water machine is easy to maintain and simple to use with a surprisingly large variety of drinks available. Not only does it dispense filtered still water, it also serves sparkling and flavoured water too - great for offering a healthier alternative to sugary fizzy drinks! Click here to learn about the Azure

  • Purified Still Water
  • Filtered Sparkling Water
  • Delicious Flavoured Water (still & sparkling)
  • In Built Cup Dropper
  • Bottle Fill Option

The Sigma Touch - Barista Style Coffee just a Touch Away!

Don't compromise on quality when choosing your coffee solution. The Sigma Touch serves fresh bean-to-cup coffee replicating the traditional barista extraction style for a pure and hearty espresso. Topped with delicious microfoam milk, the Touch truly brings high street coffee shop quality to your location. Click here to find out about the Sigma Touch

  • Barista Style Espresso
  • Coffee Shop Drinks Menu (including Espresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha, Hot Chocolate and Tea)
  • Syrup Shots
  • Award Winning Milkshakes
  • Video Advertising (with sound!)
  • 'Build Your Own Drink' Option

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