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Public and Leisure

Whether it's a busy train station, leisure center or even a hospital, we have the perfect machine for every situation.

"Quality food and beverage machines for when you need it the most"


Train stations, airports and bus stations all see large numbers of customers pass by everyday. This makes it important for a machine to be reliable, have a fast dispense time and large ingredient capacity so your customers get a high quality beverage or snack on the go. Lucky, the Westomatic range features all those specifications and much more. 

Freestanding Hot Beverage Machines


Snack Machines

Food Machines


Thirsty work? Our purified, freshly chilled water machine will keep you hydrated at the puish of a button. After working up an appetite you may fancy a bit to eat, we provide premium snack machines that will provide a variety of hot and cold food items.

Freestanding Hot Beverage Machines



Purified Water Machines

Snack Machines

Food Machines


Late nights studying, tight deadlines, long hours in the library, these are all key parts of a university student's life. Our deluxe automatic hot drink machines serve a barista style bean to cup coffee to give students that extra boost with their studies at an affordable price. With frothy Cappuccinos in under 50 seconds, not having enough time will no longer be an excuse for a great coffee! Perhaps you've been studying all night and have worked up a bit of an appetite, however nowhere is open to buy food. Westomatic also offer high quality food machines for snacks and piping hot meals on the go available 24/7.

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Snack Machines

Food Machines

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