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Sigma Café Hot Beverage Machine

An easy to use machine perfected for Retail!

Sigma Café




The Sigma Café provides a great alternative to the Sigma Touch. Where customers do not require a fully interactive touch screen, a brand new 20-inch screen is included to show corporate messages and videos - great for advertisements such as student union promotions and restaurant offers! The Cafe has 12 easy-to-use touch sensitive selection buttons making it easy and quick to select your beverage.



Brand New 20 Inch Media Screen

Utilise the screen and produce your own menu showing drink prices or drink allergens. You can also use this to run adverts to advertise the products in the machine or the location where the machine is.   



Award Winning Technology

The machine itself uses the award winning Sigma technology to create your barista style drink. Frothy cappuccinos, milky lattes, hearty espressos and delicious hot chocolates are just a few of the choices available at the touch of a button. Why not add syrup selections to create your perfect vanilla latte or Caramel Cappucino?


Available in 2 Stylish Designs

The Sigma Cafe is available in the stunning Cafe branding designed to stand out and exude a coffee shop aroma - perfect for retail locations. It is also available in the Sigma Family Jet Black branding aimed towards a more conservative and simplistic look - perfect for professional environments. Want to promote your brand instead? The Sigma Cafe can be wrapped with custom branding of your choice.

Features and benefits

The Sigma Café brings a new ease to retail vending offering great drinks takes vending to a whole new level...

  • 12 button menu system lit by 32 individual energy saving LED's
  • 20-inch digital screen with USB and SD card compatibility
  • Dynamic “attention-grabbing” advertising - helping drive sales!
  • Choose from 7oz (150ml), 9oz (180ml) and 12oz (250ml) paper cups
  • Customise your Sigma Café screen with your company logo, message or advert!
  • Brand your machine with a bespoke backlit door panel (optional extra)
  • The large, brightly lit buttons make drink selection very easy for all users
  • All buttons contain drink imagery - ideal for busy sites with multiple language requirements such as airports


Easy-to-use advertising screen

  • The 20-inch digital screen can display advertisements and corporate messages via USB or SD Card - just like you digital frame at home!
  • With a huge 4 GB of memory, you can store all the videos and images you want directly onto the screen.
  • Change between video and still imagery using the compact remote
  • Hospitals, universities and other large public sites such as shopping centres can use this feature for in-house promotion - informing customers and visitors of the latest health campaign or the nearest sale!
  • Advertise products in nearby snack machines to entice user's and increase catering sales

Machine Specification






Brewer Pressure


Cup Sizes


Drink Selections









Canister Capacities







Electrical Services

Bean to Cup & Fresh Brew Tea (BTC/FBT)

Fresh Brew Tea & Instant Coffee (FBT/Instant)

Fresh Brew Tea & Fresh Brew Coffee (FBT & FBC)

Instant Tea & Instant Coffee (Instant/Instant)


10 Bar or 0.5 Bar


7oz, 9oz or 12oz


Cappucino Skinny Latte, Flat White, Black Coffee, Mocha,

Hot Chocolate, Creamichoc, Tea with Milk, Black Tea,

Option 1, Option 2, Sugar

Optional Choices- Decaf Coffee with Milk, Decaf Coffee 

Black, Instant White Coffee, Instant Black Coffee,

Espresso, Double Espresso, Macchiato, Soup, Tomato Soup,

Chilled Water, Hot Water, Extra Milk, Syrup Shots 

(Hazelnut, Vanilla, Caramel & Amaretto)


4400g Beans (586 drinks)

3500g Leaf Tea (1400 drinks)

3200g Milk Powder (800 drinks)

2450g Chocolate (300 drinks)

1200g Instant Coffee (480 drinks)

3900g Sugar


230 Volts AC + / - 10%


1830H x 765D x 710W (mm)

Minimum distance from back wall


(excluding 100mm from back wall)



Screen Size

Screen Resolution

Screen Ratio

Screen Inputs


Screen Memory

165 kg (hot only)

20 Inches

1280 x 960 pixels


Memory Cards: SD/SDHC/MMC/MS/USB

USB Ports: USB 2.0 and micro USB


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