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Food and snack machines

SnackPoint vending machines stay cool, even when it gets hot.Snack Point

The SnackPoint range of food and snack vending machines is specially designed with temperature controlled cabinets to serve chilled drinks and cool snacks at a constant temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature.

The range has machines that can cater for locations from small to large, and can be configured to take a wide variety of snacks, food, bottles and cans.

  • Temperature controlled cabinets stay cool in the heat
  • Vandal proof cabinets and cash boxes withstand break-in attempts
  • Precision engineered to cope with high volume vending locations
  • Energy management systems cut running costs and help save the planet
  • Doors can be removed for easy installation in multi-storey locations

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The Easy 6000 is the food and snack merchandiser with a differenceEasy 6000

The Easy 6000 has two-way rotating drums to make snack selection faster and easier.

  • Make it faster and easier to choose snacks
  • Monitor shelf life to prevent vending out-of-date products
  • Sell up to three price options per drum

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The Easy Kitchen and Easy 6000 – The perfect partnership Easy Kitchen

Hospitals, universities and 24 hour sites can now offer more than a sandwich or bag of crisps with the combination of the Easy Kitchen and Easy 6000.

  • Ideal for universities, hospitals, colleges, or other 24/7 sites
  • Easy-to-use
  • No refrigeration required

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