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Chilled water



Women sat drinking by Azure machineThe Azure water chiller makes it easy to provide everyone with their healthy 2 litres a day, no matter how hot it is, or how many people use the machine.

  • Unique mains fed water dispenser, never runs out
  • No bottles to re-fill
  • Pure fresh water on tap, filtered through a Brita or 3M filter
  • Chilled to perfection with energy saving cooler

Read detailed features of the Azure

SnackPoint Duo and Trio

Man collecting drink from machineThe SnackPoint Duo and Trio vending machines have dual temperature cabinets, to keep snacks cool in the top and bottles and cans chilled in the lower zone.

  • Two separate temperature zones in one cabinet
  • Keep snacks cool at the top and drinks chilled in the base
  • Keeps cool regardless of the external temperature

Read detailed features of the SnackPoint Duo

Read detailed features of the SnackPoint Trio

Our machines don’t just keep drinks cool!

Polar BearWestomatic’s chilled water and drink machines are fitted with an innovative range of energy saving features that reduce power consumption and reduce waste, so you can keep cool without contributing to global warming.

Read about our machines’ environmentally friendly energy saving features

AccreditationsWestomatic are comitted to the environment