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Great vending business opportunities with Westomatic

Here at Westomatic we have a fantastic range of vending solutions that provide you, the vending operator, with great business opportunities.

Hot and cold beverage vending machines

We manufacturer a range of free-standing hot and cold beverage vending machines as well as table-top machines for smaller sites and offices.

Unique mains fed chilled water dispenser

We also manufacture our own unique mains fed water filtered chiller, that fits perfectly within a beverage and snack vending bank.

Chilled snack, food, bottle and can vending machines

We have an innovative range of food and snack vending machines, with dual and triple chiller zones that cater for snacks, confectionery, health food, fresh food, cans and bottles, so you can buy a complete vending setup from one reliable source.

Customised graphics

We specialise in offering customised machine graphics if required, to fit in with your customers’ corporate branding, or to promote specific messages or logos. 

We don’t just sell you vending machines

We provide in-depth training courses for engineers and operators, so that you can deliver the best possible service to your customers.

We also provide technical support, by phone or email, and via WestoNet, our dedicated vending customer technical support area on our website.

Be part of our success story

We have opportunities for vending machine supply partners to supply and operate our vending machines in the UK, Europe and in international markets.

Please fill in the following form if you are interested in becoming an approved distributor partner or to find out more and we will contact you shortly.

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