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Westomatic’s vending machines ideal for the Eden Project

The Eden Project, a £140 million development in the South West of England, designed to ‘explore ways of bringing together science, art, technology and commerce to create sustainable futures’, has purchased Kenco & Rainforest Alliance branded Solo Encores from Westomatic.

Mark Hyatt, Technical Services Director at the Eden Project commented;

‘We endeavour, where possible, to source products through a sustainable supply chain. Quality products and sustainable development are all key values we look for in a supplier. Every purchase is carefully considered and supply chains have to meet high standards of economic viability and social acceptability’.

Westomatic’s responsible attitude to environmentally-friendly vending includes the use of recycled materials, the removal of all energy-zapping light tubes and the introduction of a unique in-built energy management system (which reduces power consumption by up to 30% and reduces boiler temperature during inactive periods). And with a handy ‘own mug or cup’ facility and permanent refillable ingredient canisters on all hot beverage machines, there has been a further reduction in packaging and waste. In addition, Westomatic delivers their machines in long-life reusable casing – pallet, shrink wrap and card-board free!

Westomatic’s machines perfectly meet our requirements.”

Westomatic judged the best by international law firm

International law firm, Simmons and Simmons has installed 13 Westomatic Sigmas’ at its Citypoint Moorgate offices. The environmentally friendly, energy saving Sigmas have replaced their existing outdated unenvironmentally friendly machines.

The Sigma’s are being used by nearly 1,000 employees. Emma McCabe, client services manager at Simmons and Simmons is positively delighted with the new Sigmas. She says:

“We now have a far superior vending offer which is also much more in keeping with our culture and environmental policy. With the use of LED lighting, flash cooling technology and the ability to ‘power-down’ between 8pm and 8am, these machines are far more energy efficient. Staff are ecstatic about the great menu choice and high quality of drinks served up by the Sigma”

“The bean-to-cup and fresh brewed tea with the use of ‘Millfresh’ means that the drink quality is excellent…”. Another great benefit of the Sigma is the Fairtrade option. Emma concludes: “…it is fantastic to have all the options ethically traded.”

Emma McCabe, client services manager at Simmons and Simmons

Westomatic worked closely with vending operator Seymour Valentine to provide a bespoke solution for Simmons and Simmons, building the Sigmas specifically to their requirements. The unbeatable environmentally friendly specification of the Sigma includes paperless brewers for coffee and tea, long-life LED lighting instead of fluorescent tubes, 93% of its components are sourced in the UK and delivered package free. And, as if that isn’t enough, all coffee, tea and chocolate are not only Fairtrade, but the large whitener and chocolate canisters mean there is less need for ingredient replenishment.

Mount Charles' Sigmas exceed expectations

Mount Charles is Northern Ireland's largest independently and locally owned catering organisation. They provide an extensive range of services including catering, vending, cleaning, and associated services to industry, commerce, education and healthcare.  Mount Charles contacted Westomatic with a brief to provide a new catering solution for Moy Park Ltd, Northern Ireland's largest food processing company and one of Europe's leading poultry companies.

Moy Park’s previous caterer used a counter top solution to provide hot beverages. The company wanted a new automated catering solution for the 1000 staff on site, but was wary of the low quality sometimes associated with traditional vended tea and coffee.

Mount Charles' Chris Annon says:

“Initially we knew very little about Westomatic, but after meeting with the team and testing the quality of the machines, we were converted. Westomatic has enabled us to provide a first class vending solution to Moy Park, with machines that produce exceptionally high quality drinks, that generate a higher than average price per cup".

The site has 5 Westomatic Sigma machines and is currently so busy that more are planned for the future. Chris Annon continues:

“Westomatic’s Sigmas have totally exceeded both our expectations and our customer’s expectations. In the first three weeks at Moy Park, the machines vended 20,000 cups and are currently averaging 7,000 a week (paid vends). Freshly brewed tea, served in paper cups, is very popular, being made from high quality Imporient tea and brewed with Westomatic’s unique brewer. Also popular with Moy Park’s workforce is freshly brewed Columbian coffee made with fresh skimmed Millfresh milk.”

Westomatic provided Mount Charles with full technical support during the initial installation on-site. Chris comments:

 “The support is excellent. Westomatic’s Mark Booth and David Scott provided us with a brilliant service throughout the installation and since then our operators have found the machines very easy to use, and the reliability has been excellent. Westomatic also has a customer-focused warranty system that makes ordering parts really simple, but so far we have only needed to use it once!”

Chris concludes: “Westomatic manufactures excellent machines and thinks out-of-the-box when it comes to vending. For us, the decision to move to Westomatic was the correct decision. We would be happy to recommend Westomatic to anyone”.



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