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Caring for the environment

Here at Westomatic, we pride ourselves on our Environmental policies.

Coffe Cup with South Africa in the foamIn direct response to the ever-increasing number of requests for information on the Company’s green credentials and sustainability initiatives, we have published (on recycled paper) our Green Credentials brochure, detailing environmental initiatives undertaken within our factory in Devon, and our commitment to environmental sustainability and best practice.

Westomatic vending machines already utilise a high percentage of recycled material and are built with energy management programmes - saving both money for the customer and the environment.

In terms of sustainability, for our UK customers, Westomatic strongly believes that buying from a British manufacturer has never made more sense than it does today. And with over 92% of the components and materials used in the manufacture of our beverage machines sourced in the UK, you don’t need to be a mathematician to work out that shorter logistic paths mean reduced energy consumption and less reliance on fossil-based fuels.

Polar BearOn the basis that natural resources are increasingly precious, as a matter of policy we continue to offers our customers and clients packaging-free vending machines by using long-life re-usable delivery muffs. In this way, machines are delivered to site free of polythene shrink-wrap, polystyrene, cardboard or wooden pallets.

You don’t have to be a polar bear to realize the hard-hitting benefits of green products, green product innovation, energy-management, green production and packaging-free vending machines. As an original equipment manufacturer we have always been acutely aware of the fragility of the environment and the need for sustainability in our products, support services and overall approach to business. We hope our Green Road Charter demonstrates our commitment towards protecting the environment and continues to earn the trust and support of our customers.

Read our Green Charter

Read about our energy saving vending machines here

Contact us to find out more on the energy management technology designed to save on power and help save you money.

View our interactive green credentials brochure, just click on the image below.

AccreditationsWestomatic are comitted to the environment