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We Know the Art of Vending Delicious Hot Drinks

At Westomatic we’ve lived and breathed hot beverage vending for the over 50 years.

Our vending expertise has enabled us to develop technology to such a high standard that our machines are now able to produce coffee that can rival baristas' in the best high street coffee shops.

Barista Quality Taste

Coffee BeansA barista is an expert who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks. The word is Italian in origin, where it means 'bartender.'

Championship competitions are regularly held for competing baristas who demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of coffee, coffee blends, espresso, quality, coffee varieties, roast degree, espresso equipment and even latte art.

It's Not Just About the Ingredients

High quality ingredients are an important factor in making the perfect vended coffee, but alone are not enough to produce coffee shop quality drinks. Choosing the right equipment is critical to getting the best out of your ingredients.

Our Innovative ‘Pulsing’ Technology

Love CoffeeOur ‘pulsing’ technology ensures that ingredients are mixed to the right consistency, blending ingredients to perfection for great tasting coffee every time. The ‘pulsing’ works because instead of dispensing ingredients in all at once, they are ‘pulsed’ in little by little. This means no clogging and no lumps, especially important when delivering the popular 9oz and 12oz drink sizes.

Our ‘pulsing’ system has even enabled us to develop a range of new premium drinks, including mocha, on our range of bean to cup coffee machines.

Paperless Brewing Technology

Brew FilterOur paperless brewing system has proved that vending machines no longer need to use overly complicated high pressure closed brewing systems to produce punchy espresso.

Westomatic’s paperless brewer operates at low pressure. This open system is very easy to clean and delivers a consistently great cup of espresso, every time.

A Giant Leap for Vended Tea!

Perfect TeaOur unique tea brewer replicates traditional tea-making methods for ‘that perfect cuppa’.

Traditional tea, which is made by hand, is known to be a simple process, so why change it? That’s the philosophy behind our innovative brewer system.

Unlike coffee, tea doesn't need hot water forced through the ingredient in order to extract its flavour and create a richer taste. Tea requires a more gentle brewing process and so we use an atmospheric pressure to infuse the leaves. This ensures that the tea is not over-stewed by the pressure or burnt by the water temperature.

Works like a tea bagThe brewer, which features in our latest hot and cold beverage machines, is arguably one of the most advanced of its kind. Incorporating superior materials, the permanent filter (which works just like a tea bag) can be quickly and easily removed for cleaning which reduces waste and improves routine cleaning time.

The standard of the tea from our new brewer is second to none and caters for a market which traditionally, has been neglected by the vending industry.

12oz Cups

An essential part of delivering coffee shop quality drinks is to serve it in the right cup. 12oz (340ml) cups are proving highly popular with today's coffee drinkers, especially when branded. Westomatic’s latest Sigma machines can pack over 400 12oz cups, enabling our operators to provide the complete coffee shop experience.

Sip Lids

The finishing touch for any authentic café style experience is the ‘must have’ coffee-to-go accessory, the sip lid. Westomatic has developed the first integral sip lid dispenser for its Sigma vending machine, which stores 80 lids in a free-flowing dispenser.


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