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Machine Green Credentials

Wasting electricity isn’t our cup of tea..!

Looking after the environment

All Westomatic machines are robust and built to last, ensuring a long operational life

  • Our machine refurbishment centre cost-effectively extends the life of our machines, extending their working life and reducing waste and landfill
  • Flash chillers and carbonators – fewer moving parts, low power consumption and excellent reliability
  • Low-energy, long-life LED lighting with over 50,000 hours mean no more fluorescent light tubes to replace - 60% more efficient than fluorescent light tubes, 5+ year life guaranteed
  • Use of recycled materials wherever possible including plastic moulding
  • All machines delivered in re-useable cases, packaging-free in the UK, means shorter logistic paths resulting in a reduced carbo n footprint
  • In-house paint spraying plant recycles heat from the drying process for the final baking cycle
  • Over 90% of over-sprayed powder coating is reused
  • All spare parts are distributed in reused boxes.

Did you know?

We haven’t bought a cardboard box since 1994!

USB poweredHot beverage machines

  • Proven, inbuilt energy management technology on all hot beverage machines since 1995!
  • 92% sourced and built in the UK, reduces logistics paths
  • Low-pressure (1bar) brewer system
  • USB audit technology – download data to a USB, no more handheld printers and wasting paper
  • Super-sized chocolate and whitener canisters on some machines helps reduce operator visits, saves petrol
  • The Sigma hot drink vending machine consumes just 85 watts / hr / litre!

Did you know?

Competitor vending machines use up to 51% MORE electricity compared to our Sigma hot drinks machine, that’s 280.40 kw per year or in real-terms, up to £290.40 per machine over just 5 years!

CoffeeSnackPoint food, snack and drink vending machines

  • Consume between just 260 watts and 310 watts / hr!
  • Use ozone-friendly R134a refrigerant
  • Cabinet temperature unaffected by fluctuating ambient temperature, which reduces power consumption
  • Patented direct chill system that delivers cool air directly to the product shelves
  • Foam injected cabinet and triple glazed windows give total cabinet insulation

AZURE mains-fed water chiller

Water flash cooling system means power is only consumed when a water selection is made - no more permanent refrigerated tanks or gas compressors consuming electricity 24 hours a day

  • Extra-large water filters
  • Use your own cups, bottle or jugs and reduce waste, packaging, and ultimately, cost
  • No need for bottled water deliveries reducing associated service costs and carbon emissions
  • Consumes just 31 watts / hr / litre!

EVA EMP = European Vending Association Energy Measurement Protocol

Energy EfficientThe EVA EMP is the European standard which allows manufacturers to consistently benchmark the energy consumption of vending machines. The standard was developed and agreed ahead of proposed European legislation concerning power consumption on vending machines

A new labelling system has been introduced as per consumer white goods. Westomatic’s latest machines carry a label stating the energy consumption of each machine, which is well below the recommended level.

Primo Hot Beverage Vending Machine = A+ rating
Sigma Hot beverage vending machine = A rating
Sigma TouchHot beverage vending machine = A rating
Sigma Simplicity Hot beverage vending machine = A rating
Sigma Café Hot beverage vending machine = A rating
Signature table-top vending machine = A rating
Azure Cold Water dispenser = A++ rating
SnackPoint Quinto snack vending machine = A++ rating
SnackPoint Quattro snack vending machine = A+ rating
SnackPoint Duo L snack vending machine = A+ rating
SnackPoint Duo M snack vending machine = A+ rating
SnackPoint Trio Single snack vending = A rating

Contact us today to find out more about our environmentally friendly vending machines.

AccreditationsWestomatic are comitted to the environment