How do our machines make the perfect coffee?

Since 1966 we have been developing the perfect cup of coffee on-the-go. We are constantly innovating and designing our machines to produce the finest coffee for a true coffee house experience.

Freshly Ground, Every Time

Beans are ground fresh for every drink. The grinding technique can be adjusted to optimise the extraction for every type of bean. The Primo Touch and Maxi even use the world renowned Ditting grinders which are designed to grind perfectly every time on high volume sites.

Purity is Key

Get every drop of pure taste from your beans and serve a hearty, full-bodied espresso from the 10-bar high pressure brewer. The brewer is designed to capture all of the freshness from coffee beans for optimal taste.

The Power Of The Crema

The coffee is poured gently into the cup to leave a thick and full, long lasting crema resting on top of the shot. Having a great crema enhances the espresso flavour and also indicates the quality of the coffee brewing process. 

There’s Method To The Milkiness

Milk is heated and whipped until it produces a glossy micro foam for the perfect cappuccino or latte. The shiny topping not only tastes great, it also gives the drink a barista quality look.

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